The TS Plus System is designed for making permanent repairs in the rehabilitation of damaged and fully deteriorated sewer pipelines. Each kit is custom made for pipe diameters of 4"-30" and 2-10 feet long. A single kit contains all pre-measured materials and ancillary supplies to complete a single repair.

The TS Plus 18/15 WR™  Point Repair  Fiberglass utilizes a corrosion resistant fiberglass with our proprietary woven roving sewn to a 1.5oz chop strand mat. Supplied in 50" or 96" wide x 100' long rolls.



The TS Plus H2O Stop™  Point Repairs use a 3 layer material with 5 components. The 2 outer most layers are a woven structural fiberglass which are saturated with resin. The inner layer is a non-porous membrane with felt fibers embedded into both sides. This creates a mechanical bond between the 3 layers. Once cured, the system is then free of pinholes, providing a permanent barrier to water infiltration and ex-filtration at over 100 psi.

The Redi-Roll™ is a continuous piece of the 3 ply material at specified widths overlapping the circumference of the host pipe. Incrementally, the Redi-Roll™  has a double gusset allowing the installer to easily ‘cut off’ the desired length of repair.



TS Plus Point Repair Resin uses a 3 Part Vinyl Silicate Resin. A and B are mixed 1 to 2 respectively, with a part C allowing the user to dictate curing speeds.

No longer are installers forced to conform to the cure times dictated by the supplier. TS Plus™  Resin’s third Part C allows the user to manipulate install speeds without sacrificing strength. Hot or Cold, Near or Far, every repair is tailored to your needs. Another Trenchless Solution.