A cal tube, supplied with an inbuilt lubricant to encourage effortless inversion when lining pipes. This is despite being made out of a heavier weight pvc plastic for extra burst strength.

An Elastic, knitted Inversion Liner, manufactured with the right combination of properties to give an exact fit in a 4 inch (100mm)pipe and expand out to fit the 6 inch Portion. Despite the expansion the material still offers a true 3.5mm thick drain liner. The Liner is coated with a polymer resistant to Polyesters or Epoxies. The elastic properties of the coating means that it can be inverted with a water tower, typically from a head height of around 2m. The liner negotiates 90 degree bends in drain pipes with minimal wrinkling


A Limited Stretch (at 3 psi (0.2 bar)

Semi Elastic, Felt Drain Liner

designed with dimensional stability when inverted, yet flexible enough to go round 90 degree


A liner designed to give the best of both worlds !!


An Elastic, 3-4mm thick knitted Inversion Liner, manufactured with the right combination of properties to allow easy in version round 90 degree bends.

The liner negotiates 90 degree bends in drain pipes

with minimal wrinkling.



A semi elastic, lightweight, 2mm thick knitted CIPP Inversion Liner. Supplied for relining up to 90 degree bends and work on roof drains, laterals, vertical downpipes and stacks. Alternatively, it may be used for non-structural trenchless CIPP lining of buried drain pipes


Drain Pipe with single 90 degrees ? Piece of cake !..With Pipe with multiple 90 degrees ?No Problem.

Uncontrolled Longitudinal stretch ? No way.

This elasticated liner has maximum stretch in the radial direction and next to none in the longitudinal direction.

Unlike other knitted and other woven liners on the market you can reline pipe networks with bends and still feel confident about the termination length.



Call it "Big Pipe Resin" or "Summer Resin". This CIPP resin product  gives an unbelievable working time of up to 4 hours yet cures quickly below ground with or without assistance of heat. Ideal for long  shots or work in Summer. Also known as Gadres 4000.

(Also known as Gadres 3050) A Slow Fast CIPP resin for those seeking true No Dig Productivity. The resin has an ample working time of up to 30 minutes. This gives installers more time to get the liner into a pipe, than say, most silicates. However, once in the drain pipe, it cures literally 10 - 15 minutes later. If you want to get an 8 inch Patch Liner done, start to finish in under an hour, this is the product for you.



Dump Hot water at 110 deg F(45 deg C) in your Cal tube and thats it ! , you are done as the resin cures instantly.

Yet this resin gives you up to a very generous c 120 minute working time. More working time than most epoxies and silicates. What is the trick ???

The resin is very stable at temperatures under 48 deg F (10 deg C). Once temperature rise above 35 deg C (90 deg F)...Bang you get a near instant reaction. No need for recirculating water and all that aggravation. Just fill liner up with water at 110 deg F. By the time you filled the line up you are done !!


A solvent free resin supplied for use on CIPP Relining of Drain and Sewer Pipes. The resins gives and ample working time of up to 45 minutes, depending on temparature, yet cures rapidly within 2 -3 hours later at ambient. For faster curing times, non-recirculated warm water at 110 deg will speed up cure to within 1 -2 hours after mixing.


Unique epoxy resin system with good low temperature curing characteristics. The resin is possibly the fastest drying resin around yet it gives ample working time to enable safe insertion of the liner into the pipe. Slow when you need it and fast when you need it too !