CIPP Boiler Truck Rentals. TSI offers daily and on-going boiler truck rentals with an operator delivered to your job site. Capable of steam or water curing 1,500' of 8" diameter or up to 400' of 36" diameter.

The TRYDENT 80 Cutter System from TRY TEK allows reinstatement of interior or exterior relined pipes from 3” to 6” (80mm-150mm) in diameter. You can access pipe systems through clean-out ports or rooftop vent pipes. This noninvasive method of repairing damaged

pipe is faster and less costly than demolition and pipe replacement. Any building where tenants or operations cannot be disturbed is an ideal prospect. Think of the profitability this new technology will bring to your CIPP pipe relining business


TSI rents either by pick up or with and operator lining wetout trailers customized to your needs as an installer. Typical trailers come outfitted with an inversion tank, automatic variable speed wet out roller table, generator, air compressor and portable boiler unit.

The MAIN SHOT is our captive air inversion shooter for long shot of 4" up to 36" diameter liners. The captive air systems allows for the use of a small  180cfm air compressor versus the standard mainline shooter which use 375cfm+. Capable if installing over 600' of 8" and up to 150' of 24".

The MICRO SHOT is our compact inversion unit comes in 2 sizes, both fit through a standard doorway and are made of rolled aluminum for an extremely lightweight liner shooter. The smaller of the two is for inverting up to 70' of 3-6" Liner the larger handles up to 150' of 4-6".

The INFINTY SHOT continuous feed shooter is designed for inverting up to 12" diameter liners. This unit is designed for inversion using a lower volume air compressor and allows the installer to steam or water cure directly with the unit. The optional trailer mount eases transport and the optional hitch mount allows one truck to mobilize the shooter and compressor with one vehicle.

Our  rubber point repair packers range from installations in 4"-30" pipe lines. They are either outfitted with a flow through center whole or optional port for pushing the unit from the nose of the packer vs the rear.